Our Practically Perfect team is fully committed to client projects in July and August. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate additional bookings at this time. Please reach out to inquire about availability for the fall of 2024. We look forward to working with you!

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Practical Lifestyle. Perfectly Organized.


Practically Perfect is a Los Angeles based organizing and lifestyle company devoted to constructing creative and functional solutions that simplify daily activities and exemplify practicality.  The Practically Perfect team collaborates to create a uniquely efficient and highly productive project model for clients, completing meticulous space transformations in a remarkably fast time frame and providing dramatic results.  Practically Perfect has been recognized among the “Best Professional Organizers In Los Angeles” by CBS Los Angeles. Co-Founders Joni and Kitt are Certified Professional Organizers® whose work-life balance tips have been featured by STAPLES and Parents Magazine, and Practically Perfect’s organizing services and lifestyle solutions have been highlighted by publications including Real Simple and Good Housekeeping.

If It’s Practical For You,

it’s perfect for you.

Joni and Kitt, close friends with undeniable professional synergy, created Practically Perfect with a mission to help clients achieve tranquility in their lives through organizational systems that are realistic and maintainable.

Joni and Kitt are Certified Professional Organizers® whose partnership harmoniously combines their distinct perspectives on organizing to produce innovative and unparalleled results. The Practically Perfect team, comprised of a talented group of professional organizers, is distinguished for using client-specific criteria, including attention to household functionality and design preferences, to ensure that solutions are both practical and perfect.

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Jumpstart the organizing process by sharing challenges, setting goals and diving into in-depth project planning.

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Select from an extensive range of full-service organizing offerings to systemize spaces and simplify everyday living.

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New offering coming in 2023! Perfect for clients who want to DIY their project with the support of a professional team.

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True to their name, the Practically Perfect team is committed to the PRACTICAL while striving for the PERFECT.  

Organizing solutions designed and created by Practically Perfect are thoughtfully in line with client intentions and design preferences. Fun to work with while maintaining the utmost professionalism, team members are organizing perfectionists and apply that spirit to each step of the process.

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