Practically Perfect offers a variety of services to organize each client’s unique life and spaces. Utilizing a team approach maximizes creativity and project productivity, ensuring that each personalized organizing solution is functional and maintainable. Practically Perfect services both residential and commercial properties.

True to their name, the Practically Perfect team is committed to the “practical” while striving for the “perfect.” Organizing solutions are thoughtfully in line with client design preferences and intentions. Practically Perfect’s team members are organizing perfectionists and apply that spirit to each step of the process.

How We Can Help

Clutter Management
Specialized Strategy Sessions
Room Re-Envisioning
Family-Specific Solutions
Age Appropriate Play Spaces
Time Management Coaching
Paper Filing Systems
Nursery Planning + Sibling Space Sharing
Downsizing + Home Staging
Moving Concierge Services
Remodeling + New Construction
Maintenance Programs
Household Management
Specialized Workshops
Seasonal Solutions
Back To School
Spring Cleaning
Customized Cabinetry
Closet Designs
Product Recommendations
Digital Organizing

Los Angeles Services

Local client relationships begin with an in-person visit, offering the opportunity to assess compatibility and begin pinpointing goals.  The Practically Perfect team can collaborate side-by-side with clients or work independently, offering a more full service organizing experience for clients.  The team provides personalized organizing plans, shopping lists, assistance with space planning and furniture selection, customized labeling, shopping for organizational products and the removal of clutter through charitable donations, resale and recycling.

Perfect Spaces, Practically Anywhere

Not local?  Still perfect!  The Practically Perfect team is available to travel practically anywhere.  Bring the Practically Perfect’s unparalleled attention to detail to your hometown to create your customized, organized lifestyle.  The team will even bring along a little L.A. sunshine!  Long-distance client relationships begin with virtual consultations, followed by in-depth planning and project preparation.  Contact Joni and Kitt to start planning their next organizing adventure.

Comprehensive Consultation

A Comprehensive Consultation with Practically Perfect offers clients the benefit of full access to our Certified Professional Organizers®.  Clients will have an opportunity to share challenges, set goals and discuss which services might be most ideal.  Comprehensive Consultations are available locally as well as virtually.

Virtually Organized

Virtual client relationships with Joni and Kitt offer clients anywhere an opportunity to discuss lifestyle and organizing goals and to receive expert advice about practically anything.  During the sessions, clients receive step-by-step instructions for their organizing projects and personalized product recommendations to enhance their client-specific organizing systems.  This service is perfect for clients who want to be actively involved in the organizing process while benefiting from the support of a professional team.

Virtual Workshops

Practically Perfect offers the opportunity for clients to access their online workshops and tutorials from anywhere in the world.

Our next live webinar is on September 13th, 11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET. This tutorial with Kitt and Joni centers around organizing your own beauty/makeup space – from working with small spaces to which products work best to organizing on a budget. They’ll offer their tips and resources along the way and end with a Q&A for you to ask your own beauty organizing questions.

Click here to get more information and to register!

Coaching + Mentoring

Joni and Kitt are working moms who have built their business from the ground up. Since 2014, Practically Perfect has completed more than 250 client projects and has grown to a team of 8 organizers. As Certified Professional Organizers® and co-founders of a successful professional organizing company in Los Angeles, Joni and Kitt have developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise throughout their experience in the industry. They are thrilled to be facilitating relationships with individuals who aspire to or are already building their own professional organizing companies. Sessions are offered in 1/2 hour increments.  Available in Los Angeles or virtually anywhere.

The Perfect Gift

A gift card for organizing services is a perfect way to show love to friends and family without adding more “stuff” to their lives.  Practically Perfect gift cards are available in various amounts and are completely customizable.  The gift of Practically Perfect organizing services is ideal for expectant parents, new home owners, busy professionals and anyone who wants to simplify.