You Might Not Need A New Year’s Resolution

Dear friends,

We’re 8 days into 2020 and, as always, conversations with our friends and loved ones seem to be all about resolutions.  We even have our own decluttering challenge going on this month.  

But we want to offer you this important and loving reminder: it’s okay not to have a resolution.  

This might be a season where you just need to slow down.  What’s practical for one person may not be possible for another.  If you’re torn between taking on a challenge or taking a much-needed break, choose what feels best for YOU.  

The start of a new year is a great time to plan a little care for ourselves.  Often times, by the end of the winter holiday season, we’ve inadvertently bumped ourselves to the very bottom of our own to-do lists.  And let’s face it, that’s not sustainable!

In support of those of you who need a break or a little self-love in this new decade, we’ve put together a few self-care suggestions that our team members are working to implement in our own lives this year. 

1. Get Outside

We’ve all had those long work days that start and end in the darkness.  And while the days are still short (thanks a lot, January) those days can weigh even more heavily, making it challenging to spend any time outdoors getting some desperately needed fresh air.  

We’re committed to snagging at least a few minutes of time outside each day.  That might mean taking a brisk walk in the morning or after dinner, eating lunch outside or walking to the store instead of driving, when our schedules will allow. 

If you, too, are  wanting to spend a little more time in the fresh air, remember that even five minutes counts!

2. Get Better Sleep

Please note that this is different from “get more sleep,” which is also great but not always as feasible.  This year, we’ve decided to focus on better sleep.  We admit that the things we often do at night are not necessarily conducive to good sleep, i.e. eating late dinners, answering emails and planning social media posts in bed.  

Instead, we’re hoping to add some more routine to our sleeping.  We’d like to try setting a timer for after-hours work, so that we don’t end up falling down a rabbit hole of tasks.  We hope to turn off anything digital at least 30 minutes before we plan to close our eyes.  

Good sleep, we can’t wait for you! 

Photo by Swabdesign on Unsplash

3. No More Must-Do’s

I must exercise.  I must drink more water.  I must eat healthy meals. I must stop…

It’s so much harder to be motivated when we feel like we have to do things.  Of course exercising is great for us, but shaming ourselves for not doing it isn’t that helpful. 

So this year, we’re trying to quiet the “must do, should do” voice in our heads.  Instead, we’re channeling the “want to, trying to.

4. Do What Feels Good

Sometimes lives and schedules and finances don’t allow for many self-care activities.  But most of us do have 10 or 15 minutes a day that we can spare.  

It’s so easy to fill that time with the endless to-do list (there will always be something to do) or mindless screen scrolling when the to-do list is just too overwhelming.  

This year, we’re hoping to use those pockets of time for something that truly feels good, like reading a few pages of a book we love, having a cup of tea in silence, listening to a favorite podcast, writing down our thoughts, sending someone a sweet note, stretching, laughing…  

Our list could go on and on, and your list may look totally different than ours.  Whatever it looks like for you, we’re ALL FOR IT. We’d love to learn what you’re planning or not planning for yourself this year.  Please share with us in the comments below.  

Wishing a beautiful new year (and decade) to you all!

Photo by Stella Rose on Unsplash