Joni and Kitt, close friends with undeniable professional synergy, created Practically Perfect with a mission to help clients achieve tranquility in their lives through organizational systems that are realistic and maintainable.

Prior to the inception of Practically Perfect, Joni was an award-winning early childhood educator. She has always believed that there is a deep connection between an organized environment and productive, successful engagement. Joni remains passionate about helping families create spaces that foster age-appropriate independence, connection and harmony. She is a mother of three children and the owner of a young-at-heart and endlessly hungry dog named Tova.

As a highly-regarded event planner in Washington, D.C., Kitt further honed her innate organizing skills. She prides herself on her ethos of efficiency and practicality. Kitt loves helping others simplify theirs lives through systemizing and organizing. She is also a mother of three and the owner of a cheerfully anxious and fiercely loyal dog named Bamba.

Joni and Kitt are Certified Professional Organizers® whose partnership harmoniously combines their distinct perspectives on organizing to produce innovative and unparalleled results. The Practically Perfect team, comprised of a talented group of professional organizers, is distinguished for using client-specific criteria, including attention to household functionality and design preferences, to ensure that solutions are both practical and perfect.