Devan is a Southern California native with a degree in Creative Writing.  She is a former Operations Manager turned organizer, with a dose of acting and producing peppered in from time to time.  Her specialties are home office and digital organization, from culling and scanning paperwork to creating digital file structures and online storage organization.  Devan is most content when she can leave her clients with a clear and maintainable system.


A Chicago native, Sari’s background is heavily grounded in the arts. Having spent several years as an Executive Assistant, she thrives on having good set of operating practices. As an organizer, her skills really shine during the editing process, as she has a profound understanding of the relationship that individuals have with their belongings. Sari brings sensitivity, humor and efficiency to her less is more approachAn organizing job has yet to intimidate her, as Sari’s approach is always to dive in!


Tani earned her degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles.  A former event coordinator and operations guru, she is a natural planner who deeply enjoys organizing. She has a knack for making spaces thoughtfully functional and visually stunning.  Nurseries and children’s spaces are some of her favorite projects. Tani especially loves highlighting special keepsakes and organizing things by color.


Tasha moved to Los Angeles from Portland for a change of scenery in 2015.  Her background is in Biology, and she has truly enjoyed adapting her technical skill set to fit the ever-growing world of personal organization.  She enjoys finding creative solutions for her clients’ needs and especially loves a good challenge. Tasha is extremely detail oriented and has a natural eye for aesthetics, which makes organizing the “practically” perfect fit.