Permission To Be Messy

It’s almost 2020… where did the year go?!  

We’ve been finding ourselves counting the days and wondering how we’ll cram everything in.  

As we get closer to the end of the year, we want to offer some tips and reassurance for managing these last few weeks (and here’s hoping that we’ll take our own advice!)

Permission To Be Messy

This can be a hard one, especially if you’re doing any holiday hosting!

We completely understand the urge to keep everything neat and tidy, but we want to reassure you that your guests will be forgiving of a messy home!  Your sanity and patience are so much more important than a sparkling kitchen or a picture-perfect living room. We’ll have more tips on this subject for you next week as well!

If you can cut yourself a little bit of slack any one time of the year, this is the time.  Please — just enjoy the last few weeks of 2019 as much as you can.

And we’re going to be motivating you with an organizing challenge for you that begins on January 1st – so you can just take it easy in the meantime!

Embrace The Chaos (And Carve Out Some Solitude)

Do you have kids home from school?  Family staying at your house? Incoming pets/guests/packages?  There is bound to be some type of pandemonium in your home this time of year – and we’re right there with you!  Plan for it, plan around it and embrace it.

And also plan some solo time for yourself if that’s something you need.  Maybe it’s just a trip to the store when you need to step out, turning on the TV for the kids when you need 20 minutes to yourself or ordering in food when you can’t stand the idea of cooking anything else in your kitchen.

However you do it, gift yourself the breaks that you need. 

Give Everyone A Break

We’re all about giving and spreading kindness to everyone this time of year.

From the driver that cuts you off (Los Angelenos, you hear us loud and clear) to the shopper whose cart blocks the entire aisle to the howling kiddo in your living room… dole out a little extra patience and understanding when you can. 

Do your best not to personalize anyone else’s big feelings (this one is definitely a note-to-self) and focus on the happier parts of the season.  Think family, friends, good food, cheesy movies, more food… 

Take care of yourself!

We’re wishing you a memorable and happy holiday season!


Joni + Kitt

Photo by Brooke Lark – Unsplash