13 Tips To A Practically Perfect Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re sharing some tried-and-true tips that we have learned and discovered throughout the past 11 years of Halloweening as parents.  We hope that these will help make your own trick-or-treating even sweeter! 


TIP # 1: Raid Your Closet – If you’ve waited until the last minute, do not fear… grab a cape or crown from the dress up bin and call it a day!

TIP # 2: Crowdsource – Go ahead, trade costumes!  Your kid doesn’t want to be Elsa again, but maybe they would love to wear that Toy Story costume from your neighbor’s house?

TIP # 3: Go Thrifting – There are so many budget-friendly treasures just waiting to be discovered by you! 

TIP # 4: Buy Timely – Costumes purchased in the summertime may feel stale by Halloween, but day-before costuming can be super stressful.  We suggesting aiming for 2-4 weeks out.


TIP # 5: Get Your Candy ASAP – Sugary treats can get more expensive if you wait to buy them just before Halloween… consider stocking up in advance and storing you stash until the 31st.  

TIP # 6: Grab A Teal Pumpkin + Some Non-Food Items – We really want ALL KIDS to be able to enjoy this holiday, so please consider buying non-food items for kids who are not be able to enjoy edible treats.  Displaying a teal pumpkin in front of your house will signal that you’ve taken this extra-inclusive step. Stickers, pencils or removable tattoos, anyone?

TIP # 7: Create A Candy Jar For Each Kid – This is an easy way to determine how much candy your kids are allowed to keep once they return from collecting.  We love to DONATE all of our extra candy. Our favorite options are a dentist buyback (Joni’s family’s dentist offers $1 per pound), a candy donation to our troops or a “switch witch” — a handy tradition where kids can trade in their candy for items they have been wanting.  

TIP # 8: Set Candy Expectations – Whatever your limits or rules are around candy for your family, just be sure that your kiddos are aware of them before the night begins!

TIP # 9: Have A Safety Talk – Before you head out for trick-or-treating, remind your kids how they can have fun while staying safe.  Think about street crossings and neighborhood guidelines. Consider a buddy system and perhaps a flashlight, which lead us to…

TIP # 10: Get A Light Source – We’re talking flashlights, glow sticks and bracelets — anything that will help kids see and BE SEEN throughout the night. 

TIP # 11: Pocket The Phones – Snap your photos ahead of time and then pop your phone into your pocket so that you can be present, have fun and stay safe! 

TIP # 12: Bring A Bag – If you don’t want to be carrying around discarded costume accessories and water bottles in your arms, snag a backpack for the schlepping (we have learned this one the hard way!) 

TIP # 13: Have Fun – Because that’s the whole idea, right? 

Wishing you a magical and enchanting Halloween!

Joni + Kitt