Closet Organizing – Get Inspired + Get The Look

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At Practically Perfect, closet organization literally thrills us!  We find immense joy in:

  • the uniformity of matching + evenly spaced hangers
  • perfectly folded clothing placed thoughtfully into divided drawers
  • the clothing editing process that creates intentionally curated wardrobes
  • seamless systems
  • easy organizational maintenance

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of working with Safiya Nygaard and Tyler Williams again on a closet + wardrobe project. Check out the video here!

(If you missed our previous beauty organization overhaul with them, be sure to read about it or watch the video!)

We had a total blast with these two — editing, organizing and wading through piles of lovingly accumulated clothing (6 huge bags were donated!) We were all reminded of how simply adding a few perfect products can create systems and also elevate the overall design and feel of any space.

For those of you who are ready to transform your own closets and want to “get the look,” we’re sharing a few of our favorite products + some closet basic organizing inspiration below…


Black Huggable HangersSafiya had these slim, velvet hangers on hand, which we love and highly recommend!

Bend and Hook HangersFor those seeking a velvet hanger alternative, these are our absolute favorite.  Slim, durable, and so snazzy looking. We used these in Tyler’s closet to maximize space + elevate style.

Accessory HangerA clean + simple solution we used for belt storage.

Closet Rod DividersThese dividers are generally available in white, but we sourced them in a beautiful shade of black, which was a must for Safiya’s closet!  These are most ideal for people with a variety of clothing categories.

Decorative Black & Natural BasketsNew on the market and a lovely way to elevate storage… water hyacinth has never looked so dreamy!

White Storage BinsThe Container Store’s very own version of the white stackable storage bins we used for storage in both Safiya and Tyler’s closets.  

Clip-On Black Label HolderThe perfect companion to almost any storage baskets — so you will always know where everything lives.

Adhesive Black Label HolderFor the times when those clip-on labels aren’t the most ideal solution.


Gold Prisma Earring HolderOur new favorite decor for earring storage — and a game changer for small spaces.

Gold Necklace HolderWe love how this product create some visual height and shows off any necklace collection.

Gold & Linen TrayThe classic display tray that we find so lovely and clean.  


Adjustable Organizing InsertsThe perfect solution for Safiya and Tyler’s joint sock collection… it has a movable divider!

Jute Zig Zag BasketsA gentle storage option for any dresser extras — we used them for bra straps + cups.

Expandable DividersA solid choice to keep drawers organized, these create endless categories (but not really endless… be reasonable!)


Divided Laundry SorterWe recommend dividing clothing by cleaning/care type to make laundry quick and easy.  With wheels and removable bags, this sorter really hits the mark!

White Shopping ToteFor easy transport of laundry extras, delicates and more.

Wooden Step Stool – Always make use of the vertical space in any closet… and then make sure that everything is easily accessible!

Label MakerGet extra with your organizing and invest in a label maker.  Your closet will thank you, and your organizational systems will be so simple to maintain.

White On Black Label TapeBecause — what’s a label maker without the tape?

We hope you’re feeling inspired to tackle your closet now! And if you need any extra tools, feel free to check out our folding series videos on YouTube and learn to love the file-folding method!


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