The Artful Way to Organize Your Memories

Photo by Artkive

The sun is out, the rain is (nearly) gone, and smells of summer are beginning to fill the air.  The start of this new season also means the end of another school year, which means that armfuls of school projects are heading into your home…

Throwing away handmade art projects from your little Picasso can cause feelings of excess guilt.  But we all know how quickly a home can become filled with paintings, macaroni art, adorably lopsided pottery, crayon-filled birthday cards and oh-so-much more. What’s a parent to do?

Instead of filling up yet another plastic storage bin with endless creations and keepsakes, we’ve found a beautiful solution that we implement for our clients and in our own homes.  Move over refrigerator door, Artkive is here!

*If you’re thinking: “I don’t have kids — this post isn’t for me,” keep reading!  There are fabulous offerings for storing your memories, too!

Artkive is an incredible app that allows you to turn an entire storage box of artwork into a sleek, beautiful and easy-to-store book.  Think scrapbooking, but without the scissors, glue, glitter or stress!

Photos by Artkive

There are offerings that fit the bill for any household.  You can choose to photograph your child’s creations yourself using the Artkive app or take advantage of their white glove concierge service, which allows you to mail your artwork and allow the experts at Artkive to capture it for you (this is our favorite offering!)  If the idea of even creating is a book is too much for you, you can simply choose to digitize and store those precious works of art until you’re ready.

If you’re feeling like this might just be the (practically) perfect way for you to create some extra space in your home, we have a few tips below to help you get started:

  1. Don’t feel the need to include everything.  Be selective and do a bit of editing before you start.  You don’t need 5 pictures of rainbows drawn by your 5-year-old… just choose your favorite one.  Only save items that have sentimental or historical value.
  2. You don’t have to make a book every year.  It can feel tempting to create a charming little gallery book every school year but remember, the books will add up!  Consider group art collections into sections such as pre-school, elementary school and junior high.
  3. Don’t stress about wear and tear.  You can feel confident allowing your children to enjoy their art books.  Artkive gives you the option to add all of your images onto a thumb drive or to keep them stored in the cloud, so you can always recreate a book in the event that a little one, or a furry one, decides to use it as a chew toy.

For those of you who don’t have school-age children, we still find Artkive to be a fantastic option for both decluttering your home and cherishing your memories.

Photo by Practically Perfect

Maybe you have a collection of meaningful concert tickets, playbills, and movie stubs that you’re not sure what to do with.  Perhaps there are a few shoeboxes of old family letters you can’t imagine parting with but that are currently just living a lonely life on a shelf.  Whatever the items, creating an Artkive book is a simple and special way of cherishing them.

And if you weren’t swayed already, Artkive is currently offering Practically Perfect readers and followers $15 off their order.  Just use the code Practically Perfect.

Give your home a little breathing room… and feel free to break out the crayons all summer long!

Photo by Artkive

*Practically Perfect organizing clients receive additional special offers and discounts.  Email for more information. We’d love to help you organize your memories!


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