Favorite Convenience Snacks

We love snacking almost as much as we love the ladies of Prescribe Nutrition! And since the knowledge they shared in our collaborative Pantry Must Haves post was such a smashing success, we knew that we had to have a Part Two! Whenever we organize a kitchen or pantry space, we always make it a priority to create a Practically Perfect “grab + go” snack station. The reality is that most of us are often on-the-go, and we have to fuel our bodies appropriately. We’ll let the expert, Katie, take it from here…

~ J & K

We’re back! Round two of our “must haves” – and this time we’re talking convenience snacks. Because, let’s get real, life… busy. As nutritionists, we get this question a lot. And that’s an understatement. The good news is that Part One sets you right up for having these convenience snacks ready for action. Pretty slick, right?

The key to eating is fueling your body. Fuel that balances your blood sugar, keeps you satiated longer and gives you energy. If you have more questions or want some additional support, just let us know. We’re here for you: Prescribe Nutrition! And if you need suggestions for how to contain your grab-and-go snacks, check this article out.


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