5 Tried And True Strategies For Keeping A Tidy Home

Use It Or Lose It

Belongings are easy to keep tidy when you don’t have too many of them!  Only owning items that you use and love keeps belongings to a minimum, which keeps clutter at bay.  And that brings us to our next suggestion…

One In, One Out

We highly suggest abiding by a “one in, one out” rule.  For every item that you bring into your space, consider removing another.  For instance, when you purchase a new pair of jeans, contemplate whether you might be able to let go of an older pair.

Don’t Put It Down, Put it Away

Keeping a tidy space is simple when items don’t have the chance to pile up.  It takes almost the same amount of time to put items away where they belong as it does to drop them down in your entryway or on your kitchen table.  So place your shoes in the closet, your purse on a hook by the door and your mail in a basket that’s designated for exactly this purpose.  Which bring us to the next suggestion…

A Place For Everything

Having an obvious place for everything turns tidying up your small apartment from a dreaded chore into a quick and simple activity.  When you know exactly where to put everything, the process if really frustration-free.

Spend Time To Save Time

Once everything has a “home,” it likely won’t take more than 5 minutes each day to place items back where they belong.  This small amount of time spent will be time saved at the end of the week, since there won’t be a pile-up to deal with at the end of each week.