One Simple Solution For A Cleaner Closet

The hard truth is that getting organized -- and staying organized -- requires an investment of time.  We’re sharing one of our all-time favorite closet organizing tips.  And for those of you who appreciate a closet filled with matching hangers, this one's for you...

The next time that you drop items off at the dry cleaner, leave as many hangers as you do articles of clothing.  2 blouses, 2 dresses & 2 jackets = 6 hangers.  It’s so simple.  Freshly-cleaned clothing goes right back on your own hangers... which means they go straight back into your closet!

Bonus feature: this method not only saves time, but it also helps reduce your environmental footprint, one wire hanger at a time.  Additionally, you may ask your dry cleaner to swap the plastic bags for a reusable cover (which can also double as the bag you use to deliver you clothes to the dry cleaner).  One less step in your day; one more step towards a cleaner planet.  Practical.  Perfect.